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Rick Braley

Jan 10, 2002, 7:58:43 PM1/10/02
I have recently changed my PC (currently using Pent IV, 7200 rpm HD, ATA
100 board, 1500GHz) and reinstalled my Adaptec CD Creator. I had
problems with version 4, so I went to the site and upgraded to 4.05, but
there has been no improvement. My problems are:
1. the initial scanning stage that took seconds on the old PC can take
10 minutes now.
2. frequently it claims to have buffer underruns when creating the
table of contents (which never uses the buffer).
To use the software I have to copy all the tracks first to the
harddrive, which avoids the scanning stage, and then copy from there. I
also have to shut down everything except systray and explorer. This
wasn't even necessary when I was using the same software on a Pentium

any advice would be appreciated. Would also appreciate recommendations
for better software that I could download, if there is any.



Adrian Miller

Jan 14, 2002, 4:03:30 PM1/14/02

"Rick Braley" <> wrote in message

I was a bug that effected some readers, especially my Plextors which was
real annoying. Never got them to fix it but not for lack of trying.

Mr Adrian Miller
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Gary W.

Jan 25, 2002, 2:44:46 PM1/25/02
I'll agree that it is annoying! I just upgraded to Platinum from ECDC
3.5 so as to be able to add CD-Text to a copy of my audio CDs for use
in my new audio CD megachanger. With 3.5, I never had this scanning
problem, but it showed up with ECDC 5. No equipment has changed, just
the software. It only occurs when using DAO (which is required for
CD-Text). The more tracks on the audio CD that is being used as the
source, the slower the scanning is (it's nonlinear). I'm disappointed
to hear that there is no known fix. My reader is a Pioneer DVD-104S on
ATAPI. Writer is HP 9200+ on SCSI. OS is Windows 98.
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