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Feb 18, 2002, 6:35:42 PM2/18/02

I bought a pc with win98 pre-install.
The vendor haven't provide me with any win98 cd or floppy or anything.
Using Double Image-copying C:\WINDOWS--> A:\ in a zip floppy- how could
re-install win98, create
a win98 start boot disk when it will be necessary?

Mike Richter

Feb 19, 2002, 12:36:23 AM2/19/02

First, please find an appropriate newsgroup; these are for recording
(publishing) on CD-ROM.

Second, you cannot make an install disc from an installation. If your
copy of Win98 is legal, your vendor must supply the disc on demand.



Mar 7, 2002, 11:03:57 AM3/7/02
This isn't the first time I've heard of such a horror story. Frankly, I was
disinclined to believe such, but after my sister-in-law bought against my
advice, I see it in a different light. All she got was a W98 recovery CD.
And it appears to be cheapo made. No selective restores, no drivers on the
root of the CD. Only way is format and re-install. So this fellow is
trying to do something like what I'm trying. My old Sony, although much
more flexible with its restore, I still run into the stumbling block of
upgrading to FAT32 as it renders the recovery CD useless according to Sony.
Also since the changes and updates and personalized settings are huge what
I'm trying to accomplish is making my own Recovery CD of the HDD when I've
got everything set as I want it. This will be my last line of defense in
the event all else fails to fix a problem. At least I won't have to start
over as I did three weeks ago because the HDD died. Actually it appears to
be an undocumented problem in the Western Digital utilities. Turning off
DMA66 caused the drive to click with no access. Western Digital
subsequently told me I wasn't supposed to turn it off. Also I will make a
file backup in case I need to replace a single file since the Sony CD won't
work anymore. I may even do a disk image once W98 is loaded before
converting to FAT32, and then of course afterwards. At this point I might
try resizing partitions and maybe deleting some and of course make me
another safety rope. Since I've added upgrades W98, W98SE, and WME to my
collection a couple of months ago, I haven't decided what level I will stop
at on the old machine. I know I'm not too happy with my WME OEM and that is
what prompted me to take such action along with losing all of the programs
that were included with the Sony. If I do go all the way to WME with it, at
least I will be able to revert back to W98SE. Also I should make my own
recovery for this machine since it too is vulnerable and I don't want to
have the same experience if its drive fails.
Are there free programs that will accomplish the imaging? I've heard
about Ghost, and don't want to spend that type of money for something I'll
probably only use six times and then it will be outdated before I need it
again. Or is there another way of doing this?
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