Skybuck's Signed Hash Blockchain System.

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Skybuck Flying

Aug 25, 2022, 12:56:55 PMAug 25
Skybuck's Signed Hash Blockchain System is an improvement on bitcoin:

It has the following properties:
1. Signed Hashes, instead of proof of work hashes. No more mining necessary. Thus much more energy efficient.

2. Lowest IP address closest to IP threshold is selected as next block. Thus much fair distribution.

Video Attempt 1 was too long and chaotic and annoying at the start.

Video Attempt 2 forgot to include some essential new fields. Plus I also had some good feedback from Captain Hook on PascalCoin's discord channel, which has led to a little extended idea how to generate the IP threshold better so it becomes less predictable which can be an adventage to try and stop people from manipulating their IP address in advanced to get as close as possible to the IP threshold:

Video Attempt 3 to explain core concepts:

I am still interested in hearing any feedback/critique on this idea, especially because in the future maybe the 10-minute time window of bitcoin can be made faster to produce more blocks to give people more chances to acquire a block ! ;)

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