Corona Update 33: US House Select Committee investigation into Covid-19 started ! Hearing 1: Suppression of lab leak theory

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Skybuck Flying

Mar 12, 2023, 6:44:05 PMMar 12
Big News out of the United States concerning the World Wide Pandemic/Covid-19/Corona crisis:

A US House Select Committee has started to investigate.

Hear witnesses under oath, examine documents, listen to experts, etc.

So far it seems the investigation has started with a spectacular revelation, that Dr. Fauci "prompted/instigated" a sciencetific paper to supress/deny the lab-leak theory. Also rewarding scientists with "grands/money" if they would change their oppinion about lab leak theory and would "fall in line" with the "natural" origin narrative/story.

It doesn't take a genius to predict where this will go:

1. Dr Fauci will probably go to jail.
2. Bill Gates will probably go to jail.

They better get some good atterneys ! =D

Skybuck =D
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