Corona Update 27: Mobile Banking is over !: No more mobile phones !

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Skybuck Flying

Oct 19, 2022, 1:15:08 PM10/19/22
Corona Update 27: Mobile Banking is over !: No more mobile phones !

Some funny things are happening (typos corrected version):

1. Doctors are no longer free to decide which medicines you take. Doctors were fined who prescribed Ivermectin, possibly a smoking gun of "control" from higher levels. Some even described the "Pharma" industry of being a Maffia network to push drugs and vaccines onto consumers/patients. Doctors also getting payed to stuff peace makers into people and possible other devices, this might become a thing of the future: you really need this device in your body...

But the biggest news story I have for you is, (plus I'll throw in other breaking news stories... though it does make this posting somewhat complex/hard to digest/complex but such is my style ! ;) At least you read about it and become aware of it and can seek more information elsewhere from youtube mostly. Redacted is a very fine youtube channel it will be your start but there are many others ! Very good development on youtube right now !)

2. Mobile banking is over !

What absolutely nobody in the world seems to realize except me is that the Chinese have the entire modern western world by their balls. Well hopefully not anymore after you have read this posting.

Many western banks/banking systems now rely on mobile phones ! And who produces these mobile phones ? Exactly: The chinese and the taiwanese.

Who is being blocked from producing computer chips: Exactly the Chinese, no more chip manufacturing devices to China.

Who is buying up all the rare materials to produce computer chips: Exactly China...

I would not be surprised if soon no more mobile phones will be delivered to the west ! Good riddens ! I dislike these mobile phones from the day they were introduced with their dangerous radiation. However now a new crisis is looming: Shortage of mobile phones.

I won't take long before China will realize they can blackmail the west by not delivering any more mobile phones... or perhaps they will have true shortages.

The same as already happened to cars.

3. The obstructions that banks have introduced to try and prevent a bankrun is to the point of insanity. SMS codes and other shitty things needed, Laughable.

4. Soon this young generation full of mobile phones/zombies will be taught a lesson they will never forgot:


Soon if your mobile phone breaks, drops dead, overheats, taken over by virusses etc. NO MORE BANKING FOR YOU.

If power fails: NO MORE BANKING FOR YOU.


4. Traders will also soon find themselfes in the OWL economy:

Traders: "Sell my stuff"

Seller: "To-Who ?"
Seller: "To-Who ?"
Seller: "To-Who ?"

No more buyers.

5. States will also ask the same question:

Raise money:

"How ?"
"How ?"
"How ?"

Nobody buying debt anymore.

They all starting to sound like OWLS ! Get it yet ?! ;) :D


In the past I wrote about inflation survival guide:

I wrote: Buy Gold, Buy Bitcoin, Buy Silver, Buy Houses.

Forget all of that, my advise now is: Buy GOLD, Buy GOLD, Buy GOLD, Buy GOLD.

Forget the rest, maybe not silver though, but silver is taxed, and does not perform so well yet, but it may be necessary for batteries.

The benefits of GOLD are/further advise:

1. Peace of mind.
2. Tax free.
3. The only real legal form of money.
4. Buy gold in small quantities like 50x 1 gram, so you can pay with small little gold blocks in the future if the fiat systems collapse. Costs a little bit extra but could be worth it in the future.
5. Buy also some bigger gold blocks incase you need to pay or swap for fiat in larger quantities and it's cheaper.
6. Do not buy kilogram or anything about a 100 gram. It becomes difficult to scan the inside of the gold bar... there could be fake metal inside... Small gold bars offer less risk at least that's what somebody said on youtube and I can understand the logic of that a bit better. 1 kilogram is not that heavy if you do decide to go for it, everything about 5 kilogram, Like 5x1 kilogram becomes to heavy to carry and will eventually start hurting your back, in that case other solutions are thinkable: Diamonds, but I would be scared of glass and losing it, if it's too small. Too small might also be a bad idea, 1 gram is relatively small.

Some drawbacks of gold:
4. Can be faked, watch out for fakes.
5. Could be confiscated, buy guns, blow every confiscator through their fucking heads until they are whiped out from this planet.
6. Or buy GOLD anynomous and pay the 5% extra free, annoying and expensive, but 5% is nothing compared to the coming inflation and possibly hyper inflation.

Prices roughly currently are:
1 gram between 50 to 75 dollars
100 gram around 5000 dollars
1 kilogram around 55.000 dollars (1000 grams)

To give you an idea of what the prices currently are.

7. China and Russia are going into a new counter-dollar sytem, their own currency, as well as a digital yuan or yen or something exactly details not yet known to me, a system based on commodities and gold and such to compete with the dollar.

BRICS system:
Brazil, Russia, India, China, Saudi Arabia.

8. The BRICS countries much less interested in US Dollars, do not need US Dollars any more to buy OIL/Energy. Saudi Arabia now accepting payment in other currencies.

9. USA army has left Afghanistan and Iraq and possibly Iran, basically left Midde East. Saudi Arabi feeling unprotected and has switched sides to Russia. Russia promises to defend them with nuclear submarines. Perhaps Putin will launch/drop a nuke somewhere to prove that he is willing to drop nukes and defend his trade partners.

10. USA/Biden has ordered all American Engineers to leave China, China chip manufacturing collapses overnight. Plus USA/Biden has forbidden NVIDIA and possibly other companies from delivering Artificial Intelligence computer chips. ASML and possibly other chip making machine companies ordered not to deliver to China. Some blockade was already in place, but now less hi-tech chip production machines also blocked/barred.

11. Some reports/rumors that Ukraine has lost many soldiers and is almost depleted.

12. Some report/rumors that Nato hired Al-Qaeda to fight the Russians in Ukraine. Sounds believable. The same was done in Afghanistan. Ukraine has turned into Afghanistan. It does make ya wonder if there will be a second 9/11 after some years... hmmm... History seems to repeating, like the 1920, 1930, etc, why not the 2001's ! ;)

13. Credit Suisse bank in switzerland is functioning as a stealth/hidden bailout bank. Other banks globally are using this swiss bank to secretly order US dollars from the FED/central bank in USA. These are so called: "Bail outs". What may be triggering these bail outs is that banks no longer trust each other. Normally they would open up accounts on each other banks and thereby artificially creating money/dollars/credit. This is now drying up because of distrust/fear that banks are collapsing, possibly caused by housing bubble market collapsing in Europe. Basically a second Lehman brothers but 5x worse/bigger. 2008 is repeating itself soon... but much bigger/much more worse. So swiss bank is functioning as a bidding house... who wants to bid on US dollars... bidders win and get money from FED:
FED->swiss->banks to be bailed out but they must pay interest later... and such...

14. There was also some trouble in UK, Treasure bills/state loans price collapsing possibly caused by high interest. Pension funds who bought this and leveraged it became "under water": Less Assests Worth vs More Liabilities/Risks and "margin calls" happened, they must dump/pay more money in their buffers otherwise they are forced to pay their loans/derivates or something like that... causing them to sell of assets... lowering these state loans prices even furthering leading to a downwards spiral, bank of england had to step in and stop it... situation may be ongoing... unsure exactly what will happen to UK currency. Maybe it was UK that was doing bussiness with swiss bank to get dollars.

15. German Bank: "Deutsche bank" also underwater, given bad loans that will never be re-payed/non performing loans. Most likely Deutsche bank is:
"TOO BIG TO SAVE".... hence the EU politicians came up with a plan or are participating in it:
"DEBASING/UNDERVALUEING THE EURO". Basically the Euro is made worthless by pumping lots of money into the Eurozone: "Quantitive Easing" causing massive inflation of the EURO currency going the way of the dollar to make STATE LOANS less valuable a way to lower their debts. At the expensive of BANK deposit holders: THAT MEANS YOU... the guy/girl that brings(=loans) money to the bank... your savings are becoming less valuable, what you can do is EXIT THE BANK SYSTEM and buy gold.

16. Back to the war for a moment: It's possible that Russia/Putin might soon sweep up the entire nation of Ukraine if indeed the rumors are true that they are running out of soldiers and then the EU and Ukraine will be very sorry they did not make a deal when they could.

17. It's even possible that Puttin/Russia might not stop there and attack Poland and Germany as well to teach them a lesson not to fuck with Russia. Hopefully the war will stop there.

Many other things have happened which remain a mystery for now:

18. Nord stream pipelines leaking gas, possibly sabotaged, blown up with explosives, many countries claim to have detected explosions under water.

19. An attempt made to blow up a bridge connecting Crimea to Russia. Who is behind it is unknown.

It's possible that Biden is being blackmailed because of "dirt on his son", it's also possible Biden is behind this, he did announce something like that in TV/record/video. It's also possible Ukraine is behind it possibly with support from USA. It's even possible Russia did it themselfes, but this is less likely.
Russians not fully trapped on Crimea, the bridge stayed intact half, trains too dangerous/blocked/not allowed. Cars can still escape.
Perhaps some kind of "anti/denial of supply tactic".
Or perhaps Russia wants to close it, to create a more narrow east front.

The end result of this war will probably/possibly be:

20. Things will never be the same/as they were.
21. The world is torn apart in two: West vs East.

West: Debt based economy on the brink of collapse.
East: Commodity/metals/gold based economy on the brink of flourishing. The East have all the resources. The West has most of the knowledge/engineers but lots of it already transferred to China, though not entirely sure. China engineers could be good as well, don't know yet.

The BRICS economy will be rougly 3 or 4 times as large as the USA/EU economy. An economic war from BRICS economy with USA/EU to bring it down to it's knees is most likely possibly followed by a KINETIC war if economic war not successfull. Basically this is a foolish war, East and West kinda need each other and could benefit from each other, I hope this WAR ends soon, problem is EU/USA/Ukraine leaders are KEEN on war. Perhaps they stuck in some "GROUP THINKING" and are afraid to turn against the group and make a new path forward. If so then one could conclude the EU has failed, did not provide enough freedom and is just another DICTATORSHIP and must be exited SOON. The EU will most likely fail. The coming elections will be interesting, but unsure if the elections are fair. There is a high probability that computer systems are subverted and no fair elections are possible.
Counting votes by hand and submitting totals by hands/persons will be necessary to combat rigged computer/election systems.

In the future there will be a computer crisis as well, a cyber crisis/cyber attacks/cyber wars. Computers/processors have been proven by academy/state sponsored research to be incredibly vunerable to all kinds of buffering attacks, small fast pieces of memory on the processors that can be manipulated, stolen, influenced etc. So called micro-architecture attacks/vunerabilities. First made public via meltdown and spectre publications/websites.

I slightly apologize for not giving you more Corona Updates the last few months, but I grew tired of it, the world has been warned enough, however I make an exception for the coming Mobile Phone Crisis, this is very big and I think you should know and deserved a BIG FAT WARNING ! So here it was ! and thus I included all the other stuff that is going on in one big sweep/update

Remember to not wear your mask: CO2 is deadly and dangerous for the heart. Bacteries also accumulate in the mask and go into your lungs.

Do not accept any more lockdowns ! I am very curious if the governments still have the balls to do it. I hope not, I think not, if they do I predict massive rioting at least in Europe ! =D

And last but not least:

Vote for politicians that want peace ! You will have a better life ! Much better ! =D

There is no need for war ! If you like war, do it in a computer game ! Much safer for the world ! =D

Bye for now,
Skybuck Flying ! ;) =D

Ashley Parker

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