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Internet Gopher v0.2 Curses Client and Server is available

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Paul Lindner

Sep 9, 1991, 10:02:38 PM9/9/91

The Internet Gopher
A Distributed Information Service

Unix-Server, Curses-Client Release 0.2, 9 Sep. 1991

University of Minnesota
Computer and Information Services

The Internet Gopher is a distributed docuemnt delivery service. It
allows a neophyte user to access various types of data residing on
multiple hosts in a seamless fashion. This is accomplished by
presenting the user a hierarchical arrangement of documents and by
using a client-server communications model. The Internet Gopher
Curses Client allows a user on a terminal to access the vast array of
information available on various gopher servers. The Internet Gopher
Server accepts simple queries, and responds by sending the client a

Also included in the release are experimental clients and servers for
real-time radio, utilities for using gopher in shell scripts (written
in perl), and some sound utilities for NeXT machines.

Other Internet Gopher Software available includes:

Macintosh Gopher client written in HyperCard.
Macintosh Gopher Server software.
PC Gopher Client with a Borland Turbo Vision Interface.
Full Text Indexing servers for NeXT machines.
NeXT Gopher client (provided by Max Tardiveau of the University of St.

All of this software is available for anonymous ftp to ( in the /pub/gopher directory.

The Internet Gopher Development Team can be reached via e-mail as If you prefer paper we can be reached

Internet Gopher Team
132 Shepherd Labs
100 Union Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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