SMB - PC Network Program 1.0 dialect - Implementation of SMBsearch

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Sep 24, 2011, 2:29:32 PM9/24/11
Hello All,

I'm looking at the SMB-protocol, in specifically the "PC NETWORK PROGRAM
1.0" dialect.

Although I've found some good documentation to it (the 'corep' doc) I've
become almost immediatily stuck in a problem I do not see mentioned in the
docs :
After I connect to a tree (SMBtcon) I should be able to do more than one
directory-entry seach (SMBsearch) at a time.

The question is : how do I save (keep a link to) the used sub-directory in
between the "find first" and "find next" search-commands ? How do I link
it to the requests ?

The SR (SearchRecord) is supposed to be "self contained", but does certainly
not contain the sub-directory path, meaning that I can't re-create the
origional search-request from the Tree-connect (which only contains the
base-path, right ?) and the SR-record (which only contains the filemask, not
the path itself).

Rudy Wieser

I'm trying to understand this dialect before continuing with an LFN-aware
verson, as its the most basic (and presumably simple) one ...

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