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Library or tools to build CIFS server: does it exist?

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Nov 24, 2009, 3:17:39 AM11/24/09

We want to offer a file system view on our data repository. Do there
exist open-source tools or libraries (C or Java) to build a CIFS and/or
NFS which offer this view?

Alfresco's JLAN seems to come close to what we want, but it's not open

Is there anything else?



Nico Kadel-Garcia

Nov 28, 2009, 11:24:17 AM11/28/09

It depends on what you need. If your "data repository" is in fact a
filesystem, then numerous add-on tools such as Samba should provide
this for UNIX or Linux based systems. And the NFS or FTP access
provided by JLAN are also built into UNIX or Linux systems via Samba
and native NFS or AFS. In fact, *why* would you want JLAN? Writing
things in Java is fun and cool, but replacing core network components
that have been optimized and implemented for years is just begging for
pain, and it's going to run into exactly the same hairy problems that
CIFS and NFS have already dealt with: performance optimization,
authentication, file-locking, upper and lower case filename
resolution, etc.

If your "data repository" is not a file system, then you definitely
need to explain what it is to get better hints on appropriate tools.
For example, the Subversion source control works reasonable well as a
WebDAV over HTTPS accessible repository.

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