C-STORE request to store raw dicom files not series folders.

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Wisdom James Murombo

Jan 16, 2022, 5:47:03 PMJan 16
Trying to send dicom files to be received as raw dcm's not series folders. How can I do that using the C-STORE request?

Markus Sabin

Jan 17, 2022, 8:29:50 AMJan 17
Interpreting the term "raw dcm" as "file by file, disregarding the patient-study-series structure"...

This is not a matter of how you are sending the files but how the receiver places them in the persistence layer. The identifying information for patients, studies and series cannot be omitted, otherwise the files would violate the DICOM standard. The transfer protocol (C-STORE) does not regulate the storage on the receiver's (SCP) end in any way. In fact, it does not require the image to be stored to persistent media at all. The policy how the objects transferred via the C-STORE is stored and hence any folder structure is a matter of how the SCP is implemented.

So you should look for configuration options on the SCP side to see if and how you can achieve this.
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