Modifying dicom header attributes before store to PACS

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Nov 15, 2016, 4:34:30 AM11/15/16

Our software allows customers to store dicom studies into PACS systems.
Customers asked if they can edit some dicom attributes before storing, like:

Patient ID (0x0010, 0x0020)
Accession number (0x0008, 0x0050)
Study description (0x0008, 0x1030)

Pixel data and another attributes remains the same.

I am looking for information in dicom standard(preferred) or some article that describes rules to match dicom standard when performing such changes.

After reading Dicom standard Part 10: Media Storage and File Format for Media Interchange, Table 7.1-1 DICOM File Meta Information I have concluded that in addition to above 3 attributes from DataSet our software must modify following 2 attributes in meta-header:
Implementation Class UID (0002,0012)
Implementation Version Name (0002,0013)

I have searched for answer in this google group and found following topic:!searchin/comp.protocols.dicom/modify$20dicom$20header|sort:relevance/comp.protocols.dicom/NKi3xz0Xkck/ZEHsMAYgWPQJ

Above topic referes to

Does it mean that we need to insert Original Attributes Sequence (0400,0561)
element and set all attributes:
-Source of Previous Values (0400,0564)
-Attribute Modification Datetime (0400,0562)
-Modifying System (0400,0563)
-Reason for the Attribute Modification (0400,0565)
-Modified Attributes Sequence (0400,0550)
this element will include list of updated attributes

Question is:
What are additional attributes that must be changed as part of edit operation?

Is it mandatory to change Sop/Series/StudyInstanceUID?

Best regards, Alexander

Apr 26, 2022, 9:57:31 AM4/26/22
a little up for this old unanswered question because i have the exact same one. What is the policy when editing dicom tags, for instance, to correct patient weight that was incorrectly entered the first time ?
should a new seriesUID be created for this single edit ? other tags added ?
Since the edit was made to correct a mistake, it would make sense to discard the incorrect series entirely, and thus keeping the SeriesUID. However, different PACS may handle this case differently when receiving the corrected images. Some might discard the new series because it already has series with the same SeriesInstanceUID.


Patrick A. Nast

Apr 27, 2022, 3:27:45 AM4/27/22

Apr 27, 2022, 5:16:49 AM4/27/22

Thanks Patrick.

Unfortunately, I don't think this fully answers the case I was referring to. This part deals with SCPs modifying attributes to reach conformance, and how to do it properly.
here I'm talking about editing values because they were wrongly entered in the first place. So the question is : when I do this correction, do I have to create a new Series/SOP Instance UID ?
The only thing I can take from sect_C. is that it's OK to keep the previous SOP/Series Instance UID when a SCP changes Attributes for some reason, so it should also be ok for me when I manually correct Attributes.
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