Study Root Queries at Study Level and Patient-level attributes

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Mar 7, 2022, 11:58:18 AMMar 7
Hello all
When performing a C-Find query at study level in Study Root Information Model, one may request for patient-level and study-level attributes.
This is described in table PS 3.4, table C.6-5. Study Level Keys for the Study Root Query/Retrieve Information Model. Last line of the table adds "All other Attributes at Study Level" as optional attributes.

Is there a good reason for not having also in this table "All other Attributes at Patient Level" as Optional attributes, as in table C.6-1. Patient Level Attributes for the Patient Root Query/Retrieve Information Model ?

What I wanted to do is to get the "Issuer of Patient ID Qualifiers Sequence" attribute (0010,0024) in a StudyRoot query at Study level. This does not seem allowed.

Thanks for your help

Jörg Riesmeier

Mar 7, 2022, 2:35:39 PMMar 7
Bonjour Gilles,

I don't think that this was on purpose. As far as I can see, the row "All other Attributes at Study Level: O" has been introduced with DICOM 2003, both to Table C.6-5 and to Table C.6-2.

If I were you, I would submit a CP. The next WG-06 meeting starts in two weeks.


Jouke Numan

Mar 8, 2022, 9:17:23 AMMar 8
Op maandag 7 maart 2022 om 20:35:39 UTC+1 schreef Jörg Riesmeier:
Hi Gilles,

In study root information model, Patient Level doesn't exist as defined in PS 3.4, Appendix C.3.2 Study Root Query/Retrieve Information Model:

"The Study Root Query/Retrieve Information Model is identical to the Patient Root Query/Retrieve Information Model except the top level is the study level. Attributes of patients are considered to be Attributes of studies"

Appendix C. states: "Table C.6-5 defines the keys at the Study Information level of the Study Root Query/Retrieve Information Model"

Thus the statement "All other Attributes at Study Level" is correct, but can be confusing.
You could consider to send a clarification CP on this to add a note.

Jouke Numan
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