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Giji George

Sep 9, 2000, 7:54:31 AM9/9/00
Hi there
I have a HP scanjet 5P which I had few lines when ever I scanned. Being
a technician I found there was some dirt in the inner side of the lens
covering the CCD. So I opened that and cleaned it. After that when the
scanner initializes before start scanning it bangs on the far end as if the
scanner could not understand that it has reached the end.

Unlike the printers I could not find any home position switch\sensor in
this scanner, I wonder how the scanner can understand the starting position
of the scan.

Can anybody help me to solve this problem.

Thank you

Joe Morris

Sep 12, 2000, 9:33:29 AM9/12/00
"Giji George" <gi...@brunet.bn> writes:

> I found out the way how the scanner homes its carriage!. It is a black
>sticker on the top cover that marks the home position. I had to align the
>CCD to get a good image. The scanner is now working perfectly.

Slightly OT: the 5p has some undocumented built-in carriage diagnostics.
Turn it off, disconnect the cable, hold down the green button on the
front, and turn it on. Which diagnostic is performed is determined by
the setting of the SCSI ID rotary switch.

One of the settings (I think it's ID=6 but I'm not sure) shows that
someone at HP has a sense of humor: using the stepping motor that
drives the carriage to produce different tones it plays "Ode to Joy".

(No, I no longer have a 5p. For various reasons HP sent me a pre-
production unit that mostly sat around unused for well over a year,
and was eventually sent back.)

Joe Morris

Alain-Pierre CHERTIER

Sep 12, 2000, 5:41:29 PM9/12/00
Hello !

I didn't know this strange feature...
I'll try "Ode to Joy" as soon as possible
on my own HP5p !


Alain-Pierre CHERTIER


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Alain-Pierre CHERTIER

Sep 12, 2000, 5:46:15 PM9/12/00
Hello again !

I'm looking for a HP5p driver for Windows NT,
I mean NT3.51, NT4.00 or W2000
Not found on the HP web site, sold separately !
Anybody having a solution ?
Other HP SCSI scanner driver usable/patchable ?

HELP !!!

Alain-Pierre CHERTIER


In article <8plbb9$nba$1...@top.mitre.org>,
jcmo...@jmorris-pc.MITRE.ORG (Joe Morris) wrote:


Oct 2, 2014, 4:26:40 AM10/2/14
hi Joe,
I know its a really old post but maybe you could still help me.
I'm wondering to know how you aligned the scanner carriage because I tried different positions of it but evey time the carriage just goes on and doesn't come back. I also needed to clean the glasses inside the carriage but when I remounted it didn't want to work again.
I was also searching about the "ode of Joy" test that works on SCSI ID 0.
Some times I am able to make this test works but only when the carriage is at the end of course so it works sometime grinding and when its ended the carriage doesn't goes back to home position.
On the top cover on the rear of the glass there ia a White stripe and on the right side exactly on the back of the top green Arrow I've seen this black sticker but even if I align the lamp down it doesn't work.
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