CANON BJC-800: How to get cartridges?

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Jul 20, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/20/95
Hello all:
I have a BJC-800 Bubble Jet Printer. Can anyone tell me a source(a phone
number, perhaps?) where I can get ink cartridges for this printer,
especially the black ink ones? The part # is "BJI-643 Bk". All stores I
have called in the San Diego area say they don't carry such a part. Any
and all help greatly appreciated.

Robert Westbrook

Jul 21, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/21/95
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(RobertJ260) wrote:

I have the Apple Color Printer, which is the exact same machine as
the BJC-800, except that it has SCSI ports. I've found that these carts
can be a little hard to find, but the local Office Despot in Shreveport,
LA has all the colors for it. I can't believe that an Office Depot in San
Diego wouldn't have them... You might even resort to calling Apple and
ordering the cartridges for their Apple Color Printer from them... They
are a little cheaper than retail ($17 per cartridge).


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