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Japan Earthquake Victims Increase to 94 People, 222 Others Still Missing

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Jan 5, 2024, 4:58:06 PMJan 5
Japan Earthquake Victims Increase to 94 People, 222 Others Still Missing

Victims of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, increased to 94 people as of Thursday (4/1). Meanwhile, 222 other people are still declared missing.
Rescue teams are currently still searching for missing victims since the earthquake rocked Ishikawa Prefecture on the first day of the new year 2024.

Reporting from AFP, two elderly women were successfully pulled out from under the rubble on Thursday, one of them thanks to sniffer dogs. They survived four days after being trapped under the rubble of their residence in Wajima.

The port city of Wajima on the Noto Peninsula was one of the areas most affected by the Ishikawa earthquake.

"I was relaxing on New Year's Day when the earthquake happened. My relatives were all there and we were having fun," Hiroyuki Hamatani, 53, told AFP.

It is said that the rescue team will have difficulty carrying out the search due to weather obstacles such as rain, snow and cold temperatures which are expected to arrive in the next few days.

An earthquake rocked Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, on January 1.

The disaster killed at least 94 people and triggered tsunami waves more than one meter high, large fires and torn roads.

The impact of the earthquake was felt most heavily on the Noto Peninsula, with hundreds of houses engulfed in flames and others razed to the ground.

Currently, there are 1,315 Indonesian citizens (WNI) living in Ishikawa Prefecture. A total of 105 Indonesian citizens are in shelters at refugee camps.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo had begun distributing logistical assistance to Indonesian citizens affected by the earthquake who requested assistance.

Local authorities have also lifted the tsunami warning, but still warn of the possibility of aftershocks in the next week.,output
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