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+1-855-738-4459 How to Change Your Name on United Airlines?

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Jassica Elvin

Nov 28, 2023, 8:37:03 AM11/28/23
Although changing the name on a plane ticket can seem like a daunting task, United Airlines makes the process easy and hassle-free. The Frozen North offers a name change policy in place to ensure that guests have a seamless experience, regardless of whether you made a spelling mistake or your name has been legally changed. We will guide you through the process of changing your name on a United Airlines ticket in this comprehensive guide, including the intricacies of the plan, name change methods, associated costs, and frequently asked questions answered.

United Airlines's Plan for Name Change

United Airlines has a name change policy in place to accommodate customers who need to update their tickets since they recognize that mistakes do happen. However, it's imperative to look. Here you can also Content +1-855-738-4459

United Airlines flights with ticket stock starting with 006 are covered by the name change plan.

Only one reissue per ticket is allowed for name corrections by travelers.

The name change approach prohibits changing the flight date, entrance class, beginning/objective point, orientation, or date of birth.

Modifications must be minimal, no more than three characters.

If appropriate evidence is provided, name changes resulting from marriage or divorce are accepted.

Methods for Changing the Name on a United Airlines Ticket

When changing the name on a flight ticket, United Airlines offers customers several options. In terms of ease of use and straightforward entrance, you can select the strategy that best fits your needs. The strategies available are as follows:

1. Change Your Name Online

Using their authority site is one of the most convenient ways to modify your name on a United Airlines ticket. To begin the name change procedure, take the following actions:

Go to the "My Outings" section of the United Airlines website.

Along with the traveler's last name, provide your 13-digit ticket number or six-digit booking reference.

Once your reservation is restored, look for the option to modify your name and click the "alter" button.

Correct the misspelling or update the name if needed.

Accept the steps and proceed with the checkout.

Pay the toll difference and the material name change expense, if applicable.

You will receive an email confirming the exchange's completion along with a revised ticket that displays the corrected

2. Changing Your Name at the Airport Counter

Visit the United Airlines Air Terminal counter if you would like to change your name in person. The action you truly desire to take is this:

Arrive at the airport terminal at least two hours prior to the departure time of your scheduled flight.

Inform the counter representative about the request for a name change for the aircraft.

Provide the necessary details, such as the full name, booking reference, and any supporting documentation.

After handling the name change, the agent will issue a new ticket.

Pay the applicable name change fee and, if significant, any charge discrepancy.

You will receive an email confirming the exchange along with the updated ticket.

Costs of the United Airlines Name Change

Changing the name on a flight ticket costs money, according to United Airlines. The type of ticket and the scheduling of the name change demand determine the cost structure. An overview of the relevant charges is provided below:

If a name change is requested within 24 hours of the reservation, there is no fee.

Renames mentioned following a 24-hour reservation window: Costs range from $75 to $500, depending on the kind of ticket and any necessary adjustments.

Admission differences may be applicable even with the cost of a name change.

It is important to remember that prices and schedules are subject to change, so for the most up-to-date information, it is always best to check with United Airlines or refer to their official website.

Regularly clarified a few points

Q1. Is it possible for me to modify my name on a Gold Country airline ticket at any time?

Ans:United Airlines does, in fact, allow passengers to legally change their name or make minor corrections on their flight tickets. However, it is not permitted to completely switch possession from one explorer to the next.

Q2. After getting married, is it possible for me to change my permanent name on a Gold country ticket?

Ans:Yes, United Airlines does allow name changes resulting from marriage. Travelers who provide the necessary paperwork, such as a marriage endorsement, can change their continuing names on The Frozen North passes to their life partner's last name.Here you can also Content +1-855-738-4459

Q3. How much does it cost to have a ticket for The Frozen North changed to a different name?

Ans:The cost of renaming a Gold country ticket depends on a number of factors, such as how the solicitation is planned and what kind of ticket it is. Costs vary from $75 to $500, and there may be charge differentials.

Q4. Is it possible for me to modify the name on a Gold country ticket online at any time?

Ans:In fact, United Airlines offers travelers a web-based platform to modify their flight itinerary's name. To implement the essential changes, simply go to the United Airlines website, navigate to the "My Outings" section, and follow the instructions.

Q5. Is it possible for me to change my name at the airport counter at any point?

Ans:Yes, at the United Airlines routes air terminal counter, you are able to change your name. In any case, to allow enough time for the name change procedure, it is advised that you arrive at the airport roughly two hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

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