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Brian Mark & Cole DaSilva – Change Lives Academy Download [1KK^DSK29KD]]

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Ellison Ruiz

Dec 11, 2023, 2:13:40 PM12/11/23

Brian Mark & Cole DaSilva – Change Lives Academy Download

</h1><p><br/>What did you get:<br/> In this program, you’ll learn proven social media marketing techniques and sales strategies that will allow you to instantly attract high-ticket customers.<br/> HERE YOU WILL FIND OUT HOW…</p><p>✅ 1. Attract new customers to increase engagement and social development<br/> ✅ 2. Set up a “BASIC OFFER” for your customer niche.<br/> ✅ 3. Sell programs online for over $1,000 per package.<br/> ✅ 4. Define your customer avatar and how you communicate with him.<br/> ✅ 5. Generate leads with a high conversion rate &gt;25%.<br/> ✅ 6. Create laser focus in your business to get the greatest return on investment.<br/> ✅ 7. Earn 10 thousand dollars per month and keep it within 90 days.<br/> ✅ 8. Create an online community of enthusiastic fans who recommend again and again!<br/> ✅ 9. Access to over 10,000 top professionals online to see what’s currently working!<br/> ✅ 10. Online business systems and fitness technologies that enable you to scale your business.</p>
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