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How do I recover my Yahoo email account? 1-802-538-7004

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Jon Milan

Nov 24, 2023, 6:04:26 AM11/24/23
One of the oldest operation tech companies for connecting people is Yahoo. Yahoo's main feature is email, which is used for personal and professional purposes. Further, you can find other distinct services, too, such as news, sports, finance, politics, and many more. Moreover, it can be used for free or by buying a premium membership. The services in those regions might differ, but they can be accessed by forming an account. When you have made an account but lost it, then you can recover it, too. Now, if you are confused about How do I recover my Yahoo email account? Then, read on to the heading shared at the bottom.

Ways to recover Yahoo email account:

You can contact Yahoo account recovery support team 24/7 by phone number 800-305-7664 / 1-802-538-7004, When you have to recover your old Yahoo e-mail account, then you can get distinct modes for obtaining the same. Further, the explanation about the utilization process of those has been explained at the bottom titles.

Use a recovery email

When you make a new account on Yahoo then, you could have to share an alternate email, too. So, when you are facing trouble logging into these then you can receive it by using another account. If you are blank about the method to recover Yahoo email account, then you can act along the steps that have been mentioned at the bottom points:-

Open Yahoo Mail's official site
Then click on the forgotten username option
Now, type your linked email and then click on the Continue icon
Further, you get to enter the verification number that is shared on that account
After that, you can create a new one and click the finish icon.

Yahoo account recovery with phone number

When you didn't share your email with Yahoo but provided a phone number, then you can use it too to recover an account. This might be a convenient mode to get an account back, and the step-by-step process about this has been listed in the following points:-

Go to the official site of Yahoo or Call 800-305-7664 / 1-802-538-7004 for quick account recovery support.
After that, click on the login icon
Now, choose the “ forgotten username” options
Thereafter, select phone as medium and enter the number
Then, a verification tab opens, and there, you get to enter the OTP received in the shared number.
Later, you can create a new password and click on the confirm icon.

Answer the security questions

When you haven’t shared any of the details at the time of forming an account, then the question that you have answered could aid you in the process. The guide on how to use this method is listed below.
First, get to Yahoo and click on the login icon
There, you get to select forgotten username options
Now, from the recovery options, get to choose the “security question” icon
Then, you have to answer questions similar to what you have given before.
Afterward, type your new account details and then click on the confirm icon.

Recover account with Yahoo helper

When none of the recovery modes is helpful for receiving an old account, then Yahoo Helper could offer aid. However, an account recovery through these modes might need previous information. Hence, the steps through which you can have the same have been listed at the bottom.

In the beginning, get to the Sign-in Helper.
Thereafter, share an account that is registered in the
Now, click on the Continue options
After that, you get to follow up with the instructions.
Once the process is completed then you can have your previous account back.

Bottom line

The methods that are laid at above could help you to recover previous accounts. When none of the modes prove to be useful, then you can use the Yahoo customer service number, 800-305-7664 / 1-802-538-7004, and connect with customer service to obtain a resolution.
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