Cirrus Logic GD7543

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Jack Johnson

Jun 24, 2002, 5:46:34 AM6/24/02
I recently saw this in the FAQ under :

Compaq LTE 5300 (unsupported video card Cirrus Logic GD7543)

I have an older Hitachi laptop at my disposal with the same chipset,
and (before checking the FAQ) I installed and noted that at 800x600x8
video *mostly* works. Everything is offset 64 rows down vertically
(wrapped), with what appears to be the last 32 rows (now rows 32-63) a
flat gray, and apparently inaccessible (though, it appears you can
lock it up by attempting to drag a window into the region).

Also, the cursor is a mostly-black 64x64 block, with some random white
and/or masked bits.

Not knowing whether or not the video on the Compaq works at all, I
thought this might be of interest to anyone attempting to get this
chipset working. If you'd like any more information, just say the


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