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Jochen Kleinbauer

Aug 25, 2002, 9:05:44 AM8/25/02
Hi everyone,

I've just written a CDR using 'mkisofs' and 'cdrcord' (as always)
and now there is one directory on the CDR that I can't "cd" into:


Volume in drive G is Os2ToolsV-2 Serial number is 01C6:0F4A
Directory of G:\Treiber\SCSI\*

21.08.02 21.35 <DIR> 0 .
21.08.02 21.30 <DIR> 0 ..
21.08.02 21.35 <DIR> 0 Adaptec
21.08.02 21.35 <DIR> 0 AMD
21.08.02 21.35 <DIR> 0 DawiControl
21.08.02 21.35 <DIR> 0 Symbios
21.08.02 21.36 <DIR> 0 Tekram
0 bytes in 0 files and 7 dirs
0 bytes free

[g:\treiber\scsi]cd adaptec
SYS0003: Der angegebene Pfad konnte nicht gefunden werden. "adaptec"

i.e. the mentioned path "adaptec" can't be found.

Does anyone know what has happened? I've created quite a lot of CDs
the same way and this has never happened before.

Creating the Image: mkisofs -graft-points -l -J -o image.iso e:/daten/
Writing the CD: cdrecord -v -data image.iso

So nothing special here. All of the files on CDR (about 5000) can be
read, there is just this one directory that I can't access.

Using IsoIFS to mount the image or using Win2000 to read the CD revealed
no problem: All files and directories can be read here.

System: Warp 4 FP12 + Symbios Logic Controller + Yamaha 2100S

I read somewhere that the Joliet implementation of OS/2 is broken when
using some combination of capital letters and non-capital letters and
OS/2 is doing the sorting of filenames in a wrong way. May this be
the case here? Here, "Ad" appears in front of "AM", but it may be that
capital letters (i.e. the "M" here) should be before non-capital ones
(i.e. "d" in this case).

Does someone have an idea??

Thanks in advance,



Aug 25, 2002, 12:50:47 PM8/25/02
I had this problem before and talked with the cdrecord/mkisofs author
and we came to the conclusion that it was a bug in cdfs.ifs.
if you use the newer mkisofs and -hpfsnames without joliet extensions
the problem shouldn't surface....

On Sun, 25 Aug 2002 15:05:44 +0200, Jochen Kleinbauer wrote:

:Hi everyone,


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