Bug with icons on desktop in 2.1 GA

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Jeff Lessem

Jun 13, 1993, 3:34:49 PM6/13/93
I got 2.1 GA yesterday and it seems real stable, no crashes or traps or
anything. I did, however, find one annoying bug:
I usually have sort forced on for the desktop and have all of my desktop
icons along the top of the screen. I did this and then put a shadow for
4OS/2 on the desktop and it promptly moved to the upper left corner, as it
should, but I could not activate the icon. I could click on it and
nothing happened. If I right clicked it I got the WPS menu (with SHutdown
and such). I could select the icon by putting a box around it. It could
then be activated by pressing enter, but was still "invisible" to the
mouse. AFter a little experimentation I found that the first icon (top
left corner) while forced sort was on exhibits this same problem. I
turned forced sort off and everything was fine.
Relevant system details:
Tseng4000 1024x768x8bit drivers
generic 486-33
standard MS mouse driver.

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Jeff Lessem

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