OS/2 DOS/WIN3.1X Games List 3.0 (04/11/98)

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John Hong

Apr 11, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/11/98

OS/2's DOS/Win3.1x Entertainment & Games List 3.0

April 11, 1998

I did not plan to add a list of DOS/Win3.1x games under the
OS/2 Usenet FAQ because quite frankly that is getting big
enough. But there I do see the demand in this, especially from
all the people that have kept asking me. <BG>
So here it is. I plan on re-posting this E&G list on a
regular schedule like the OS/2 Usenet FAQ once a week in the
comp.os.os2.apps & comp.os.os2.games newsgroups.

DOS,NO Advanced Tactical Fighters (ATF)
DOS,YES Black Knight Marine Strike Fighter
DOS,YES Master of Orion



*1942: The Pacific Air War, by Microprose
*4D Boxing, by Distinctive Software
*5TH Fleet, by Avalon Hill
*7TH Guest, by Virgin Games
*Absolute Pinball, by Q
*Aces over Europe, by Dynamix
*Aces of the Pacific, by Dynamix
*Alone in the Dark, by I-Motion
*Alone in the Dark 2, by I-Motion
*Amazon, by Access
*Arena: The Elder Scrolls, by Electronic Arts
*Bard's Tale, by Electronic Arts
*Bard's Tale II, by Electronic Arts
*Bart Simpsons House of Weirdness, by ??
*Battle Chess, by Interplay
*Battle Chess 4000, by Interplay
*Battles of Destiny, by QQP
*Beauty and the Beast, by Disney
*Betrayal at Krondor, by Dynamix
*Black Knight Marine Strike Fighter, by WizardWorks
*Blake Stone, by Apogee
*Capitalism, by Interactive Magic
*Carriers at War Construction Kit, by SSG
*Carriers at War II, by SSG
*The Castle of Dr. Brain, by Sierra On-Line
*Castle Wolfenstein 3D, by Apogee
*Central Intelligence, by Ocean
*Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, by Electronic Arts
*Civilization, by Microprose
*Command and Conquer, by Westwood
*Commander Keen, by Apogee/id
*Commander Keen 4, by GT Software Inc./id
*Commander Keen 5, by GT Software Inc./id
*Conquerd Kingdoms, by QQP
*Constructor, by ??
*Corridor 7, by Capstone
*Cosmo Cosmic's Adventure, by Apogee
*Crusader No Remourse, by Origin
*Dark Forces, by LucasArts
*Day of the Tentacle, by LucasArts
*Descent, by Interplay
*Descent II, by Parallax Software & Interplay
*Doom, by id
*Doom II, by id
*Duck Tales, by Incredible Technologies
*Duke Nukem 1.0, by Apogee
*Duke Nukem 2, by Apogee
*Dune 2, by Westwood Studios and Virgin
*Dungeon Hack, by SSI
*Earl Weaver's Baseball, by Electronic Arts
*Earl Weaver's Baseball II, by Electronic Arts
*Earth Siege, by Dynamix
*El-Fish, by Maxis/Animatek
*Epic Pinball, by Epic
*Eric the Unready, by Legend
*Exploration, by Interactive Magic
*F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0, by Microprose
*F-15 Strike Eagle II, by Microprose
*F-15 Strike Eagle III, by Microprose
*Falcon 3.0, by Spectrum Holobyte/Sphere Inc.
*Fleet Defender F-14 Tomcat, by Microprose
*Flight Simulator 4.0, by Microsoft
*Flight Simulator 5.0, by Microsoft
*Front Page Sports Football, by Sierra
*Front Page Sports: Football 95, by Sierra
*Frontier Elite II, by Gametek/Konami
*Grand Prix 2, by Microprose
*The Grandest Fleet, by QQP
*Great Naval Battles 3, by SSI
*Gunship 2000, by Microprose
*Halloween Harry, by Apogee
*Hardball II, by Accolade
*Hardball III, by Accolade
*Harpoon, by Action Sixteen
*Harpoon II, by Three-Sixty Pacific
*Hexen beyond Heretic, by id
*Hockey League Simulator II, by Bethesda
*Hocus Pocus, by Apogee
*Hoyle Book of Games, by Sierra
*Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 3, by Sierra
*Humans, by Gametek
*Imperium Galactica, by Get Interactive Software
*The Incredible Machine, by Sierra
*Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, by LucasArts
*Indianapolis 500--The Simulation, by Electronic Arts
*IndyCar Racing, by Papyrus
*The Island of Dr. Brain, by Sierra On-Line
*Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Gold, by Accolade
*Jagged Alliance Deadly Games, by Sir-Tech
*Jeopardy, by ??
*Joe Montana Football, by SEGA
*Kid Pix, by Broderbund
*Killing Cloud, by Konami
*King's Quest I, by Sierra
*King's Quest II, by Sierra
*King's Quest III, by Sierra
*King's Quest IV, by Sierra
*King's Quest V, by Sierra
*King's Quest VI, by Sierra
*Kingdom O' Magic, by SCI
*Knowledge Adventure, by IA Books
*Lakers vs. Celtics and NBA Playoffs, by Electronic Arts
*Lands of Lore, by Westwood Studios
*Legend of Kyrandia Book 1, by Westwood
*Legend of Kyrandia Book 2, by Westwood
*Leisure Suit Larry 3, by Sierra
*Leisure Suit Larry 5, by Sierra
*Lemmings, by Psygnosis
*Lemmings 2: The Tribe, by Psygnosis
*LHX: Attack Chopper, by Electronic Arts
*Links - The Challenge of Golf, by Access Software
*Links 386 Pro Golf, by Accolade
*The Lost Admiral, by QQP
*The Lost Vikings, by Silicon and Synapse and Interplay
*Magic Carpet, by Bullfrog Productions
*Mario is Missing, by The Software Toolworks
*Master of Orion, by Microprose
-Needs 3,200 EMS Memory
*Math Blaster, by Davidson
*Math Rabbit 2.1, by The Learning Company
*Mechwarrior II, by Activision
*Megarace, by The Software Toolworks
*Merchant Prince, QQP
*Mickey's 123's, by Disney
*Mickey's ABC's, by Disney
*Might and Magic 2, by New World Computing
*Might and Magic 3, by New World Computing
*Might and Magic 4, by New World Computing
*Might and Magic 5, by New World Computing
*Monster Bash, by Apogee
*Mortal Kombat, by Acclaim
*Mortal Kombat 2, by Acclaim
*Mortal Kombat 3, by Sierra
*The Mystery Collection, by Activision & Infocom
-Lurking Horror
-Zork Zero
*Nascar Racing, by Papyrus
*NBA '95, by EA Sports
*NHL Hockey, by Electronic Arts
*NHL Hockey 95, by EA Sports
*Oh No! More Lemmings, by Psygnosis
*Operation Neptune, by The Learning Company
*Operation Overlord, by Virgin
*Out of this World, by Interplay
*Panzer General, by SSI
*The Perfect General, by QQP
*Phantasmagoria, by Sierra
*Pipe Dream, by LucasFilm Games
*Pirates Gold, by Microprose
*The Playroom, by Broderbund
*Playworld, by Broderbund
*Police Quest: Open Season, by Sierra
*Police Quest II, by Sierra
*Police Quest III, by Sierra
*Police Quest IV, by Sierra
*Populous , by Electronic Arts
*Populous II, by Electronic Arts
*Prince of Persia, by Broderbund
*Prince of Persia 2, by Broderbund
*Quake, by id
*Quest for Glory I, by Sierra
*Quest for Glory II, by Sierra
*Quest for Glory III, by Sierra
*Quest for Glory IV, by Sierra
*Railroad Tycoon, by Microprose
*Railroad Tycoon Deluxe, by Microprose
*Rally Racer, by Accolade
*Raptor, by Apogee/Cygnus
*Reader Rabbit, by The Learning Company
*Reader Rabbit 1, by The Learning Company
*Reader Rabbit 2, by The Learning Company
*Reader Rabbit 3, by The Learning Company
*Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters, by The Learning Company
*Rebel Assault, by LucasArts
*Rebel Assault II, by LucasArts
*Red Baron, by Dynamix
*Rex Nebular, by Microprose
*Sam & Max Hit the Road, by LucasArts
*Scorched Earth, by Wendell Hicken
*Seal Team, by Electronic Arts
*Seawolf, by Electronic Arts
*Secret of Monkey's Island, by LucasFilms Games
*Secret of Monkey's Island 2, by LucasFilms Games
*Secret of the Silverblades, by SSI
*Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, by LucasFilms Games
*Serf City, by SSI
*Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detectives Volume 1, by ICOM
*Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detectives Volume 3, by ICOM
*SimCity, by Maxis
*SimCity 2000, by Maxis
*SimEarth, by Maxis
*SimFarm, by Maxis
*Solitare's Journey, by QQP
*Space Quest, by Sierra
*Space Quest II, by Sierra
*Space Quest III, by Sierra
*Space Quest IV, by Sierra
*Space Quest V, by Sierra
*Spear of Destiny, by Apogee
*Speed Racer, by Accolade
*Star Trek: Judgment Rights, by Interplay
*Star Trek: The Next Generation A Final Unity, by Microprose
*Star Trek 25th Anniversary, by Interplay
*Star Wars Tie Fighter, by LucasArts
*Steel Panthers, by SSI
*Steller 7, by Dynamix
*Stonekeep, by Interplay
*Strike Commander, by Origins
*Sub War 2050, by Microprose
*Super Solvers Gismos & Gadgets, by The Learning Company
*Super Solvers Midnight Rescue, by The Learning Company
*Super Solvers Outnumbered!, by The Learning Company
*Super Solvers Spellbound!, by The Learning Company
*Super Solvers Treasure Mountain, by The Learning Company
*System Shock, by Origin
*Task Force 1942, by Microprose
*Terminal Velocity, by 3D Realm
*Tetris, by Spectrum Holobyte
*Their Finest Hour, by Lucasfilm Games
*Theme Park, by Bullfrog
*Tom Landry Strategy Football, by Merit Software
*Tony LaRussa's Ultimate Baseball, by SSI
*Tony LaRussa's Baseball II, by SSI
*Top Gun, by Spectrum/Holobyte
*Treasure Mountain 1.02, by The Learning Company
*The Treehouse, by Broderbund
*Ultima Under World, by Origin
*Ultima Under World II, by Origin
*V for Victory, by Three-Sixty
*Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment
*Warcraft II, by Blizzard Entertainment
*Warlords, by SSG
*Warlords 2, by SSG
*Wastelands, by Electronic Arts
*Wheel of Fortune, by Gametek
*Where in Europe is Carman Sandiego, by Broderbund
*Where in Space is Carman Sandiego, by Broderbund
*Where in Time is Carman Sandiego, by Broderbund
*Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, by Broderbund
*Where in the USA is Carman Sandiego, by Broderbund
*Wing Commander, by Origin
*Wing Commander II, by Origin
*Wing Commander III, by Origin
*Wing Commander IV, by Origin
*Wing Commander Academy, by Origin
*Wizardry VII, by Sir-Tech
*Wolfenstein, by id
*World Circuit: Formula One Grand Prix, by Microprose
*Worms, by Team17
*Worms Plus "The Reinforcements", by Team17
*X-COM: UFO Defense, by Microprose
*X-Wing, by LucasFilms Games

*The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, by Electronic Arts
(Games does not work well at all under OS/2. You can play it,
but it locks up when you try to save or load a game.)

*Advanced Tactical Fighters (ATF), by Jane's/Electronic Arts
*EF2000, by Digital Image Design
*Wayne Gretzky's Hockey (I, II, & III), by Bethesda
*X-COM Apocalypse, by Microprose


*After Dark, by Berkeley Systems Inc.
*Barbie Fashion Designer, by ??
*Cadkey, by Humongous
*Chess Master 3000, by Software Toolworks
*Chess Master 4000, by Software Toolworks
*Freddie Fish, by Humongous
*Guide, by Owl International
*Iron Helix, by ??
*Just Grandma and Me, by Living Brooks
*Kid Pix 2, by Broderbund
*Kid Pix Slide Show, by Broderbund
*Lion King Print Studio, by Disney
*Lode Roadrunner, by Sierra
*Mediablitz! for Windows, by ??
*Microsoft Golf 2.0
*Mother Goose, by Sierra
*MYST, by Broderbund
*OKbridge, by ??
*Outpost, by Sierra
*Putt Putt Saves the Zoo, by Humongous
*Quest, by ??
*Reader Rabbit 1 for Windows, by The Learning Company
*Rock Rap 'n Roll, by Paramount Interactive
*SimCity Classic for Windows, by Maxis
*SimFarm for Windows, by Maxis/Mindscape
*Softkey's Grandmaster Chess ULTRA
*Solitare's Journey for Windows, by QQP
*Take a Break Pinball, by Dynamix
*Treasure MathStorm!, by The Learning Company



Antonio Arreghini

Apr 15, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/15/98

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998 03:51:22, jdc...@InfoNET.st-johns.nf.ca (John Hong) wrote:

> YES:

> *Mortal Kombat 3, by Sierra

with many memory exception in my pc...

> NO:
> *Advanced Tactical Fighters (ATF), by Jane's/Electronic Arts

why not? you just need to change a filename (start.bat - > go.bat) and everything is ok!

> *EF2000, by Digital Image Design
> *Wayne Gretzky's Hockey (I, II, & III), by Bethesda
> *X-COM Apocalypse, by Microprose

Add Fifa Soccer 96...

/ - \ntonio

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