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Steve Wendt

Aug 12, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/12/97

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I recently (within the last week) started an OS/2 news and rumors page. It is
currently located at,
although at some point in the future I hope to register a separate domain for
it. It is in a state of almost constant update right now, so comments are
welcome and appreciated. Also, any news and/or rumors that you can provide
are greatly appreciated as well... :)

I started this site since there seemed to be a lack of constant, up-to-date
information on OS/2-related information anywhere. Nick's Gossip Page on the
old WarpCity pages was very timely (despite occasional inaccuracies), and with
the demise and then return of WarpCity with a subscription-only model, I
decided to start my own page.

Steve Wendt

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