Netware 4.11 Login problems..... help!

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Juan V

Dec 12, 2000, 12:41:27 AM12/12/00

I am a network administrator w/ minimal exposure to the Novell environment.
We have a Netware 4.11 server
(SP8a, I believe) on our network and recently began experiencing problems
with it.

Our network platform is currently token ring, but we recently began the
arduous task of an overhaul to Fast Ethernet.
Our Netware 4.11 server ran great on the token ring, but we've recently
added a 3Com Ethernet adapter w/ latest
drivers, bound the appropriate protocols (IPX,TCP/IP) and reinitialized the
server, then later took it down and back
up for good measure. This was done to allow for a more incremental
transition from one topology to the other.

The problem is this: With both token ring and ethernet, we've began
experiencing some problems with users being able
to login from either the token ring or ethernet sides. Our users appear to
have "timeout" issues connecting at startup, which can
be remedied by performing several reboots. We've simplified the picture (on
both adapters) by eliminating the TCP/IP
binding, tried muliple versions of the Netware Client for Win9x (3.30, 3.2,
etc.) you name it.

Interesting fact, however, once a user has successfully booted their PC and
cancelled past the failing Novell Login, a
manual attempt at login will typically work.

Background: The server console is running minimal applications @ startup
(monitor, NetShld w/ latest updates). The
network design itself is fairly simple. Token ring side is all 3Com SSII
MAUs, Ethernet is a Cisco Cat 4006 switch
with GB uplinks for connection to other locations within specified distance
limits, and the 2 networks themselves are
stradled by a Cisco 7206 router (GB ethernet, 16/4 tr) and routing between
the two has been configured properly.

With this very brief description (and no visuals or configs), can anyone see
my problem? We are stumped!

Please reply via direct e-mail, if possible (remove "NOSPAM" from address)
and thank you in advance.

John Muirhead

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