Where can I find GCJ - the Gnu Compiler for Java?

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gnufan42 (gnufan42@protonmail.com) [via djgpp@delorie.com]

Aug 1, 2021, 8:36:13 PM8/1/21
to dj...@delorie.com
I searched on delorie's site but I can't find it.

Paul Dufresne (dufresnep@zoho.com) [via djgpp@delorie.com]

Aug 2, 2021, 10:20:37 AM8/2/21
to djgpp
---- Le dim., 01 août 2021 20:35:48 -0400 gnufan42 (gnuf...@protonmail.com) [via dj...@delorie.com] <dj...@delorie.com> écrit ----
>I searched on delorie's site but I can't find it.

"As of 2015, there were no new developments announced from GCJ and the product was in maintenance mode, with open-source Java toolchain development mostly happening within OpenJDK.[9] GCJ was removed from the GCC trunk on September 30, 2016.[10][11] Announcement of its removal was made with the release of the GCC 7.1, which does not contain it.[12] GCJ remains part of GCC 6."
taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Compiler_for_Java

Andris Pavenis (andris.pavenis@iki.fi) [via djgpp@delorie.com]

Aug 3, 2021, 5:44:32 AM8/3/21
to dj...@delorie.com
Additionally even before removal GCJ would be useless for DJGPP without library (libgcj) and
library was never ported even if there was no serious problems to build compiler. I built one
version long time ago as far as I remember but it seems that never uploaded it.


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