ANNOUNCE: MGRX 1.3.5 uploaded

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Mariano ( [via]

Jan 3, 2022, 3:00:53 PMJan 3
Hi, I'm happy to announce that MGRX version 1.3.5 has been uploaded to
the Delorie FTP site and can be downloaded as:

MGRX 1.3.5 sources:

MGRX is a 2D graphics library derived from GRX. It supports four
platforms: DJGPP, Win32, Linux framebuffer and Linux X11.

From version 1.3.0 it includes GrGUI, a mini Graphics User Interface
specifically designed for MGRX.
Version 1.3.5 supports window resizing on Linux X11 and Win32 platforms.

There is not a binary package but it is easy to generate it running: 
"make -f makefile.dj2 install"

By default the instalation procedure assumes libjpeg and libpng instaled
previously. If not, you must edit "makedef.grx" in advance.

Also by default the font colection that come with MGRX is not installed,
if you want you can define the destination directory
editing "makedef.grx" and running:  "make -f makefile.dj2 install-fonts"

For more information about MGRX go to


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