ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of libfmt 9.0.0 now available

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J.W. Jagersma ( [via]

Aug 12, 2022, 1:18:44 PM8/12/22
This is a port of the {fmt} library to DJGPP. {fmt} is a fast and type-safe
text formatting library for C++, with an elegant syntax. It is intended to be
a replacement for printf or iostreams. See the readme file for more details:

To make this library compile for djgpp, only minor changes were necessary to
work around missing libc support for wide-character strings. Basically a few
instances of typedefs such as 'std::wstring', which we don't have, had to be
replaced with the types they are supposed to alias, eg.
'std::basic_string<wchar_t>'. Code using wchar_t strings may compile, but
don't expect meaningful results.

Unfortunately the author was not interested in maintaining djgpp compatibility,
so I now provide my own fork.

The test suite does not compile, again due to missing wchar_t functionality in
libc. I don't see any need to port the tests to djgpp, however.

Binary package with static library and headers:

Source code (browsable):

Source code (zip file):

Diffs from upstream:

Licensing terms:

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