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how to disable scandisk?

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Tsun Szu

Sep 5, 2004, 12:41:04 PM9/5/04
I am using win98se. My hard disk seems to have bad sectors but win98se can
still load properly. I know bad sectors means the hard disk is failing. I am
just trying to buy time. Now each time I start my PC, the message appears "
One or more of your disk drives may have deverloped bad sectors. Press enter
to let scandisk run surface analysis on these drives."

I know the surface analysis will take hours to finish on my 20gb hard I just press the escape key to let windows load
normally...followed by the enter key ( or any key) .

Can someone tell me how to disable scandisk so that windows will just ignore
the surface analysis scan and continue to load as usual. I am tired of
pressing the escape key and enter key twice. I tried deleting the
scandisk.exe file temporarily so that it is stored in the Recycle bin. But
this doesn't help either. The message .......still appears.

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