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Can't set Eudora as default mail program in Windows XP

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Camilla Cracchiolo

Sep 10, 2004, 4:33:27 AM9/10/04

I'm using Eudora 6 and Windows XP.

I've done all the regular stuff to make Eudora the default mailer in
Windows XP (gone into Control Panel, clicked on Internet Options,
clicked on Programs, selected Eudora from the list). Also did all the
Eudora stuff, like when it comes up after a new install and the panel
says "Select Eudora as default mailer?" I've clicked all the right

A kind person suggested the following:

In Eudora, go to Tools | Options | Extra Warnings, and under
Warn me when I:
Start Eudora and it's not the default mailer
and check that item. Close Eudora.
Open it again. If it warns you that it is not the default
mailer, follow whatever bouncing ball shows up

Did that. Nada

Investigating further, it appears that Eudora is not correctly entered
into the Windows Registry, probably because of a crash and complete
reinstall I did sometime back.

Any ideas? I'm utterly ignorant of the Windows registry, but I'm
willing to use the registry editor to correct it, if someone will tell
me the correct things to write.


Camilla Cracchiolo
Registered Nurse
Los Angeles, California webpage temporarily down


Sep 10, 2004, 1:29:41 PM9/10/04
Camilla Cracchiolo wrote:

I would say just reinstall it into the same directory. That should
create any missing registry entries.

If that doesn't work them first backup all Eudora setting and mailbox
files. Then do a full uninstall followed by a full reinstall. Run
Eudora to make sure it's the default mailer. Then you can put back your
backup files and be happy once again.

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