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XP Embedded Problems

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Brett Verhagen

Aug 30, 2004, 2:18:36 PM8/30/04
Ok I am attempting to create a windows embedded image and have been
having software issuses with my compiler.

First when I attempt to set up windows embedded compiler on a new
blank computer I have alot of trouble creating new images. It just
gives me errors about missing dll files and will not build any images.
I have to add a ton of software before installing and sometimes I can
get it to work. Last time I had to format the computer and install SQL
Visual Studios Net, Office, and fully upgrade Windows Xp to the newest
updates before installing the embedded compiler to get it to work.

Now lately computers that were building images are giving me the same
errors when I try to build images. This is even when rebuilding an
image that i have already built.

I am curious if anyone has run into this problem before and has found
a work-around or a fix.

Some more information about the problem: I have started with a blank
slx and added the devices I got from tap. The dependence check
obviously comes back with errors about missing componets and a
checklist. When I go down the list after adding an item it immediatly
gives me an error about missing dll files. This will happen for about
half of the items on the checklist. Then when I build the image I get
an error message and no image.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give.

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