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D:\ is not ready

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Sep 9, 2004, 3:21:05 PM9/9/04
I used D: (w/ 98SE boot disk in A:)to install 98SE. D: shows up in
windows explorer in the middle of the C: directory, but I get message
D:\ is not ready Device not ready when I try to use it.

Neither the Device Manager or the System Information App indicate that
anything is wrong.

Thr 2nd IDE controller is bad, so I have the CD player slaved to the
HDD on the first ide controller.

What do I do to configure the system so that I can use the CD player?
I figure that I probably need to edit one of the DOS files, but don't
know which one, or what to say.

I know that slaving the CD to the HDD is not great, but its for a
backup computer, so thats OK.

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