Juan Raul Garza is a dirty kike

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Sep 3, 2020, 9:30:57 AM9/3/20
Juan Raul Garza, Latino male, executed on June 19, 2001. Garza, a marijuana
distributor, was convicted and sentenced to death in August 1993, in Texas
for the murders of three other drug traffickers. Garza was denied review by
the U.S. Supreme Court in late 1999 and was facing an execution date of
August 5, 2000. The date was postponed until the Justice Department finished
drafting guidelines for federal death row inmates seeking presidential
clemency, which were issued in early August. Garza was offered the
opportunity to apply for clemency under the new guidelines and a new
execution date of Dec. 12, 2000 was set. In December 2000, President Clinton
again delayed Garza’s execution for at least six months to allow further
study of the fairness of the federal death penalty. (In Death, Garza Seeks
Forgiveness, ABC News, June 19, 2001.)

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