Registry location with read/write access to all users

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Ganesh Okade

Aug 10, 2004, 11:46:29 AM8/10/04
Hello Experts,
Is there a registry location that has read/write access to all
users of the computer and not only to admin users. The idea is to
store some common application related parameters here so that it is
accessible to all users and if one user modifies it, the change must
be reflected in all users.
OS is Win2K and XP.
Please note that HKLM is not suitable as it can be written to by
an admin login only (though many portions of it can be read by all
users) - atleast that is what I think so. Also HKCU is not suitable
since changes made in HKCU of one user is not reflected in the HKCU of
other users.


Ganesh Okade

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