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ServProv.h problem for first time Win32 API user

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Aug 7, 2007, 2:20:02 PM8/7/07
Hello chaps.

I decided to have a go at using the Win API. Long time C++ coder, first
time coding the Win API. I banged out some lines.

#include <windows.h>

int main (void)

return 0;

Result: No dice. An error tucked away in ServProv.h, apparently. Seemed
odd, so I wrote this:

#include <ServProv.h>

int main (void)

return 0;

Same errors;

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
2003\Vc7\PlatformSDK\Include\ServProv.h(113): warning C4094: untagged
'struct' declared no symbols
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
2003\Vc7\PlatformSDK\Include\ServProv.h(106): error C2283:
'__unnamed::QueryService' : pure specifier not allowed on unnamed struct

Since I'm doing nothing other than including a standard header file, I
must be really, REALLY missing the point here. Could someone please
enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong?



Jan 24, 2008, 4:30:00 PM1/24/08
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