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[Ann]: ActiveSolid Professional v2.1

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J&L Associates

Feb 8, 2007, 11:46:42 AM2/8/07
J&L is pleased to announce availability of ActiveSolid Professional v2.1.

ActiveSolid v2.1 is a dual mode (both end user application and ActiveX
control) 3D modeling, mark-up and visualization application. It features an
intuitive GUI, import/export plug-in architecture (with free import/export
plug-ins downloadable from ActiveSolid's home page), unlimited undo/redo,
associative 3D dimensions, robust Boolean operations on 3D meshes, 2D
polygons and voxel models (using linear octrees), 3D slicing, polygon
offset, automatic house/roof/wall creation, local vertex/face editing,
optimal solid reconstruction from parallel contours, Extrude along vector or
a polyline path, 2D mark-up tools, and an array of other powerful 3D object
creation tools. Supported file formats include STL, DXF, Q3BSP, XGL and
various 2D bitmap formats.

Version 2.1 adds new Label tool and includes several bug fixes.

For more info, please visit our re-designed web site:


J&L Associates

Developer of ActiveSolid product suite, BspSolid, OctSolid and FlowPit.

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