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Jan 24, 2008, 3:04:02 PM1/24/08
time, in all parts of the county, Who are these that fly as a
cloud, and as doves to their windows?

As what other towns heard of and found in this, was a great means of
awakening them; so our hearing of such a swift and extraordinary
propagation, and extent of this work, did doubtless for a time serve to
uphold the work amongst us. The continual news kept alive the talk of
religion, and did greatly quicken and rejoice the hearts of God's
people, and much awakened those who looked on themselves as still left
behind, and made them the more earnest that they also might share in the
great blessings that others had obtained.

This remarkable pouring out in the Spirit of God, which thus extended
from one end to the other of this county, was not confined to it, but
many places in Connecticut have partaken in the same mercy. For
instance, the first parish in Windsor, under the pastoral care of the
Rev. Mr. Marsh, was thus blest about the same time as we in Northampton,
while we had no knowledge of each other's circumstances. There has been
a very great ingathering of souls to Christ in that place, and something
considerable of the same work began afterwards in East Windsor, my
honored father's parish, which has in times past been a place favored
with mercies of this nature, above any on this western side of New
England, excepting Northampton; there having been four or five seasons
of the pouring out of the Spirit to the general awakening of the people
there, since my father's settlement amongst them.

There was also the last spring and summer a wonderful work of God
carried on at Coventry, under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Meacham. I
had opportunity to converse with some Coventry people, who gave me a
very remarkable account of the surprising change that appeared in the
most rude and vicious persons there. The like was also very great at the
same time in a part of Lebanon, called the Crank, where the Rev. Mr.
Wheelock, a young gentleman, is lately settled: and there has been much

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