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Balloon tool tip using Shell_NotifyIcon

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Apr 20, 2004, 10:20:25 AM4/20/04
I am using Shell_NotifyIcon API to display a Balloon tool tip over my
Apps' Systray Icon. I am using this to notify the user of the
Application status during start-up. Once the App is fully loaded, the
tool tip stays visible for the duration specified in "ulTimeOut"
member of NOTIFYICONDATA structure and disappears. Since windows has a
min time out of (10 secs) on tool tip, I simulate a click on this tool
tip window, so that it disappears after being visible for the time
duration I set inside my app. This all works fine.
My app has a feature that enables the user to restart the app during
Now the problem is, once the I enabled the restart feature, locked the
machine returned next day and unlocked the machine, I still see the
tool tip visible on the screen and it does not disappear after timeout
set in NOTIFYICONDATA structure. Instead it stays there for a long
time, which is very annoying to the user, because it won't go away
till the user clicks on it or there is some other activity on the
Could somebody help me how to get around this problem?
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