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Jaime Lopez

Jan 26, 2001, 9:23:18 PM1/26/01
The question is if is posible to replace the winprint.dll in the windows
system directory in windows 95/98/NT to be able to control and redirect
jobs from one printer to another.
I would really apreciate any input, also is the example that came in the
ddk a complete one or is not.

Feng Yuan

Jan 27, 2001, 6:00:38 PM1/27/01
You may be able to switch the port the printer queue is linked to to
redirect print job. Why do you want to replace a system DLL ?

Feng Yuan ( for the GDI book to read, check )

Jaime Lopez

Jan 31, 2001, 8:44:17 AM1/31/01
Well, I think that what I want is to create a port or printer monitor to
redirect jobs, in 95/98 the print provider, processor and monitor are
included in the same file so I can't replace that file, I need to create
a port, print to that port all the time and redirect the jobs from that
port to the real port that the printer had before, for this I'm trying
to use the Localmon example that came with the 95/98 ddk and nt ddk but
I'm having problems compiling them.
Any help would be really apreciate.
Thanks again.

Jaime Pena Lopez
Comprise Technologies Inc.

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