EDITTEXT control refuses to add lines - even though there is enough space left.

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Dec 10, 2022, 7:31:37 AM12/10/22
Hello all,

I've created a dialog containing an EDITTEXT control, and given that control
the ES_MULTILINE flag. Although I've created the contol to hold about
5-and-a-bit lines, it gets resized in the WM_SIZE event of the dialog, and
than can hold more than double of that.

The thing is that although I can use ctrl-enter to enter about 14 lines of
text, I've noticed that when I /programmatically/ try to add lines (string +
CRLF, using EM_REPLACESEL) it refuses to go past line 6. :-(

My question : How can I tell the text control that its available number of
lines has changed (due to it being resized) ?

Rudy Wieser

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