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NT 4.0 Data Recovery.

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Ta Kendisi

Feb 19, 2004, 2:45:11 PM2/19/04

My NT 4.0 server won't start after a power cut. The message was as

Disk I/O Error: Status= 00001000
Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or

There are 4 disk in that machine. First with 2 partitions wich one of
them holds OS. The other 3 disks are 120GB HDDs which set with "stripe
set with parity".

After a few try I decided to repair the OS with NT setup. (But I have
no ERD) I was not able to repair. Then I installed a new NT 4.0 Server
OS. The stripe set with parity was not there. I used "FTEdit" to make
the set as suggested at Microsoft. But it still wont work. So I
installed the sp4 and sp6. (For larger disk support) Then I used
FTEdit again. The set was there but the disks were "Unknown". I
repeated the steps again from the start. After restart CHKDSK was
applied and then I saw the set and NTFS. I give the letter E. Now I
can explore the E but there is no files. I can see that 153GB is free.

Is there anything that I can do to have my files back?

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