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Connection problems

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Beya Limited

May 4, 2004, 7:52:14 AM5/4/04
I have the following configuration:
NT server with Windows XP gateway and Windows 98 and XP client workstations.
NT server and clients are on a private network with an XP machine which also
is a gateway to BT broadband via a second NIC. There are < 16 client
machines connected together using a 16 port hub. No more that 7 clients
ever access the web at any one time and the bandwidth is 600KB/sec.

Occasionally the Windows 98 workstations cannot get access to email or web
services being served by the Windows XP gateway. The connection will
timeout or an error message of "Cannot fine DNS" is displayed. The Windows
XP workstations do not have this problem.

A restart Windows 98 workstations usually fixes the problem, but not always.

Does anyone have any ideas of the cause of this.



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