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NetBIOS Routing

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Sep 13, 2004, 6:30:14 AM9/13/04
Hi All,

I just need to track about the Winodws file sharing and do some
specific manipulation on that. For that I need to capture all the
NetBIOS packet going.
I wrote a virtual NIC adapter driver.So now how I can route all these
NetBIOS request to my Virtual adapter.

In simple words, I need to capature all the netBIOS packet in my
virtual adapter before forwarding it to the real network card. How to
do this.


Stephan Wolf [MVP]

Sep 14, 2004, 3:44:11 PM9/14/04
[FUP2 set to microsoft.public.development.device.drivers]

1. The term NetBIOS depicts a programming API in the first place
(defined by IBM). There also exists a protocol with the same name. But
the NetBIOS API can be implemented on top of any reliable transport
protocol, e.g. TCP or SPX.

Another protocol that was actually designed for NetBIOS is NetBEUI.
But NetBEUI cannot be routed and is limited to LANs only.

2. But a virtual adapter is only half work. What you actually need is
an NDIS intermediate (IM) driver, which implements both a virtual
adapter and a protocol in the same driver. More specifically, you need
a Filter IM (as opposed to a MUX IM). See the Windows DDK
documentation for details:

Also take a look at the PASSTHRU sample in the DDK.

The DDK is included in MSDN. If you do not have MSDN, you can order
the DDK CD here for only the cost of shipping:


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