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Unattended Install of NT TSE (Terminal Server Edition)

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Jan 25, 2004, 5:12:35 PM1/25/04
Pardon me if this is the wrong group, but I have a question pertaining
to installing NT TSE (Terminal Server Edition) unattended. This
question has both Windows and Linux aspects to it.

I am trying to burn a bootable cd for an evaluation version of NT TSE
(Terminal Server Edition) that will install completely unattended. I
believe that I need floppy emulation, b/c I need to use the
AUTOEXEC.BAT file to launch the unattended install; i.e.

Under Win2k and later platforms, I could simply put a file named
WINNT.SIF in the I386 directory and forgo the floppy emulation
altogether, but I do not think this is true with NT.

If I create a bootable CD without floppy emulation, the install works
perfectly. However, if I create a bootable CD with floppy emulation,
various files are not encountered during the install causing it to

Steps I used to create bootable CD with floppy emulation:
1. Created a Windows 98 boot disk. Tested the boot disk before
creating the boot image.
2. Mounted the Win98 boot disk in linux, ran the dd if=/dev/fd0
of=boot.img bs=18 in the source directory of the iso image.
3. Copied contents of the installation media to the source directory
of the iso image; cp -a /mnt/cdrom/* /srcdir/
4. Made the iso filesystem from the /tmp directory;
mkisofs -JrND -b boot.img -c -o src.iso /srcdir/
5. Burned the CD; cdrecord dev=1,1,0 -eject -data src.iso
(Note: I have also tried this using slower speeds)

I test the CD on a VMWare machine, and receive the following message:
"Setup was unable to copy the following file: <filename>"

The message only occurs for some files. I believe that I checked that
the filenames are not being altered or missing after burning the copy,
so I am at a loss.

Again, pardon me if this is the wrong group to post to, but I consider
this issue to be partly related to linux and partly related to



Feb 18, 2004, 12:17:16 AM2/18/04
I resolved the issue. The mkisofs command requires the
-no-iso-translate switch to accomodate the ~ character that M$ uses in
the 8.3 filename, which of course does not comply to the written
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