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InJoy Firewall version 3.0

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Bjarne Jensen

May 18, 2004, 2:17:31 AM5/18/04
from Simtel:[id]78555[sekid]0[SiteID]

This MULTI-PLATFORM Firewall is the easy, multi-purpose security application
you have been looking for. It utilizes next-generation IDS technology to
deliver enterprise-class Deep Packet Inspection, Application Layer
vulnerability protection, and intelligent Intrusion Prevention.

Forget about run-of-the-mill commercial firewalls and expensive hardware
devices. InJoy Firewall is what the name implies; a powerful "feel-good"
product - easy for the average user, and a MUST-HAVE for advanced users.
Install it and become an INSTANT SECURITY PROFESSIONAL with complete
authority over your Internet connection and real-time transparent insight
into almost any network activity.

InJoy Firewall is the ONLY Firewall in the security market that offers a
total end-to-end multi-platform software solution. It solves the
overwhelming problems related to managing multi-vendor security devices, now
making it easier than ever to build enterprise-wide IPSec VPNs and set up
identical cross-platform end-point security.
The intuitive user interface is highly customizable, allowing you to
efficiently control and manage Firewall Servers - locally or remotely, and
even across OS Platforms. In addition, A HOT NEW TOOLBAR application enables
you to casually keep an eye on the "intrusion score", while preserving
desktop space for other work.

InJoy Firewall is the ultimate firewall solution for organizations of all
sizes. Put an end to the cost, confusion and complexity of managing multiple
security devices. Use the power and simplicity of InJoy Firewall Pro to take
control of your network security today.

Basic features include: 10+ Pre-configured Security Levels, Internet Gateway
support, IPSec VPN tunnels, Bandwidth Management, Web Filtering, E-mail SMTP
Server Protection, Remote Management, comprehensive rule-based Packet
Filtering, PPPoE, and much more...

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