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unerase for windows 2000 server?

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Fred Koschara

Aug 16, 2002, 1:42:33 PM8/16/02
I accidentally deleted a bunch of files by running a batch file when I meant to
open it in NotePad. Now I can't seem to find a shareware utility that actually
unerases files - or at least none over 10k/32k/64k - and nearly all of these
files are 200k+.

Because of the state of the economy, I'm not in a position *right now* to be
able to buy into Undelete 2.0, which seems to be the only competent unerase
utility, so I'm looking for shareware that will help me - and when I get back
to having a positive cash flow, I'll buy the program I use.

Any suggestions?

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