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Apr 17, 2002, 12:58:39 AM4/17/02
I want to copy a Win98 system from one hard drive to another preferably with
a free utility.
I assume Drive Image from PowerQuest will do what I want (I've never used
it) but is there something that is free?
Is there a Microsoft utility to do what I want?
I don't want to have to reinstall everything.


Apr 17, 2002, 7:21:59 AM4/17/02
Assume your current system is on Disk A, and your new disk
is Disk B.

1. Install A as a secondary master in some other Win98 PC.
2. Install B as a secondary slave in that same Win98 PC.
3. Start Win98
4. Run this command:
xcopy /s /h /e d:\*.* e:\
(I assume that A is mapped to d:, and B is mapped to e:)
5. Run this command:
sys c: e:
6. Install B in your own PC and try it out.

By the way, please go easy with your cross-posts. Why post
such a basic question in so many newsgroups?

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Apr 17, 2002, 1:23:27 PM4/17/02


Apr 21, 2002, 12:47:39 PM4/21/02

How do you get around the 8+3 naming?


Kan Yabumoto

Apr 24, 2002, 2:31:51 PM4/24/02
XXCOPY copies files using the long filename (LFN) as the
primary key to identify files (between the source and
the destination) for an incremental backup --- if the
directory is copied into a blank (new) directory,
the issue is even simpler. After each file-copy,
XXCOPY checks to see if the SFN (8.3) in the destination is
the same as that of the source file. If it is different,
then, it goes through an extra step to adjust the SFN
of the destination file. The details are explained in

XXCOPY extends Microsoft's XCOPY and tries to "correct"
a lot of minor inconveniences and offers many new features.
On the surface, it behaves very much like XCOPY since
it is deliberately made compatible with XCOPY's command
syntax. This allows a new user with knowledge in XCOPY
to be productive with XXCOPY from Day 1.

But, it adds so much more (and also the complexity
that comes with the 250+ switches). The disk clone
operation is only a very small part of what it has to
offer. The SFN-preservation feature is another example
of trying to do things right.

There is a discussion group sponsored by Yahoo.

where questions are ansered by many XXCOPY users with
considerable experience.

Kan Yabumoto (I'm the author of the program)
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