Explorer runs lower after removing or moving a large number of files from HD

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Mar 29, 2002, 5:39:43 PM3/29/02
Dear experts,

My PC is Pentium II 333 with 128MB SD-RAM, 30GB hard disk, and
one CDRW, one CD-ROM attached. OS is Windows 98 2nd edition.

Recently I met a problem: after I delete/copy/rename a large
number of files from Hard disk or CDRW, the Windows Explorer
(only this application) will go very slow. At that time,
the CPU utilization is low, unused memory is a lot, HD is not
busy. I found from tasks List, EXPLORER appears Not Responding
sometimes. Other tasks runs normal at that time.

All the actions in Windows Explorer CAN NOT be finished
immidiately, the screen of Window Explorer will hang for several
seconds to one minute. Especially, this phenomenon only happens
to windows explorer/internet explorer; at the same time,
I can use other applications to manage files indirectly without
such problem, e.g. MS words, MS-dos.

The system will become normal after it goes to reboot or relogin.

I had scaned the hard disk, defragemented all partitions.
I set the "file=80" in config.sys. I ran "Windows Update" too.
I stopped the MS office Fast Find and removed this function.
I checked the norton system and anti-virus system in my computer,
and I didn't find any problem.

Unfortunately the problem is sticked to my system.

I doubt some files like DLL files or windows system files are
abnormal or crashed.

Please give me some advice either by email or posting message.
My Email is panl...@hotmail.com. Thanks!

L. P.

Chip Master

Apr 26, 2002, 8:02:37 AM4/26/02

Try to defragment Your drive !

That might help.

Kind regards Carsten

"PanLinda" <panl...@hotmail.com> skrev i en meddelelse

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