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Feb 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/25/99



Remotely Control Windows 95/98 Via Telnet

AUSTIN, Texas -- Pragma Systems, Inc. now provides the industry's first
full featured telnet server for Windows 95/98. Pragma InterAccess for
Windows 95/98 allows the remote telnet capabilities that Pragma Systems
award winning InterAccess TelnetD Server for Windows NT has. Users can now
utilize the internet standard telnet technologies to reach all of their
95/98 machines from any client machine.

Pragma InterAccess allows: users to gain access through the internet to
their home or business systems using telnet; as remote administrative tools
in corporate environments; to access and turn legacy character/console/DOS
applications into multi-user applications; wireless devices to communicate
and run applications from 95/98; and much more. Unlike the competitors,
Pragma InterAccess can run any character/console applications like, edit, vi
and pmon.

Pragma InterAccess runs industry standard telnet protocol and allows any
telnet client to log into a Windows 95/98 machine. Since multiple telnet
users can log in simultaneously, a 95/98 machine is turned into a multi-user
machine. Users feel like they are sitting in front of the remote machine
running these applications or managing the system. Systems administrators
remotely manage from their desktop to 95/98 machines throughout the reach of
the internet.

Included in Pragma InterAccess for Windows 95/98 is a Telnet Server, Inet
Server, Remote Shell Server, Remote Execute Server and two telnet clients --
one console telnet client and one Java based telnet client.

Three packages are available for user convenience: Basic Edition, Pro
Edition and Deluxe Edition.

Basic Edition includes: 2 client connection telnet server, inet server,
InterAccess manager, telnet manager and console telnet client. Pro Edition
includes: Basic Edition plus, Unlimited client connection telnet server,
Java client, remote shell server, remote shell, remote exec server, remote
exec, kill, ps, osinfo, shutdown/reboot. Deluxe Edition includes: Pro
Edition plus Pragma Companion (package of command line tools and utilities
like character-mode registry editor).

Pragma Systems, Inc. Is a privately held company founded in 1990 in Austin,
Texas. Pragma develops Internet and networking software for Windows NT and
Windows 95/98. Our specialties are to bring popular UNIX tools and services
to Windows NT and Windows 95 environments. Pragma's products are used in
over 2000 companies in over 50 countries.

Contact: Pragma Systems, Inc.
Phone: 512-219-7270
Fax: 512-219-7110

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