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** OptimizeIt 2.0 ships **

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Claire Normand

Mar 28, 1998, 3:00:00 AM3/28/98


Claire Normand
Intuitive Systems, Inc.


Java(tm) Language Tool Supports Both Windows and Solaris(tm)

SAN FRANCISCO -- March 24, 1998 -- Intuitive Systems, Inc., a
privately-held software development company, today announced the
availability of OptimizeIt(tm) 2.0 Professional, a comprehensive Java
language profiling tool that allows developers to understand and solve
performance issues in their Java programs. OptimizeIt 2.0 Professional
features include new CPU and memory profiling capabilities that make it
easier for developers to quickly spot abnormalities.

OptimizeIt enables Java technology developers to test and improve the
performance of Java applications, applets or JavaBeans(tm). Using
OptimizeIt, developers can easily spot the difficult to detect lines of
code responsible for excessive memory allocation or inefficient
processor use. Once the performance bottlenecks are identified, they
can quickly be corrected. OptimizeIt is portable across platforms and
Java implementations, and it is easy to connect to custom applications.

"We are pleased to see high-quality applications such as the OptimizeIt
profiling tool being created with the Java language specifically to meet
the needs of Java technology developers," said Dr. Lew Tucker, director
of strategic relations at Sun Microsystems' JavaSoft division.

New Release Features Graphics, Detectors, a Wizard and More

With OptimizeIt 2.0 Professional, developers gain an improved CPU and
time profiler, as well as a new object reference browser to instantly
understand why an object is not garbage collected.
The new release also includes hot spot detectors, the ability to export
data as ASCII or HTML, the ability to start and stop profilers from
within a user's code and faster installation procedures using a
configuration wizard. Using OptimizeIt's advanced features, developers
can minimize the time spent during the optimization phase and increase
the overall quality of their software products.

"OptimizeIt is a valuable, commercial-grade Java-enabled tool that is
good for any company involved in Java technology projects," said Linus
Upson, chief technology officer at AvantGo, Inc. "With OptimizeIt,
developers can better measure clock time and CPU performance because
OptimizeIt tells you where things aren't working; for example, it tracks
items not being garbage collected."

Specifically, OptimizeIt 2.0 Professional:

* Analyzes how CPU time is spent in a Java application and provides
precise data about memory use. This is important because the Java
environment does not allow developers to control the freeing of memory.

* Displays object allocations in real time and makes it easy for
developers to detect potential performance issues, such as too many
objects allocated for an operation or objects never returned to the
system. With OptimizeIt's user-friendly interface, developers can
rapidly identify allocated objects and understand which part of the
program is responsible for unexpected memory use.

* Includes a CPU profiler which allows developers to record how a Java
application uses the processor. In addition, the tool provides a
precise description of how hardware time is spent in the program, and
since the Java language provides a multithreaded environment, the CPU
profiler displays the profiling information on a thread by thread
basis. When the source code is available, CPU hot spots are
automatically highlighted in the source code.

* Is a plug and play application allowing developers to perform test
sessions without preliminary configuration. The tool analyzes all Java
code used in an application whether the source code is available or not,
making OptimizeIt an excellent tool to evaluate third-party application
building blocks such as JavaBeans.

Pricing and Availability

A complete solution to help developers track and resolve performance
issues in a Java application, OptimizeIt 2.0 Professional for Windows
can be downloaded at after March 30.
OptimizeIt 2.0 Professional for Solaris will be available in April. The
cost is $389. OptimizeIt 2.0 supports the Windows NT(tm), Windows
95(tm), Solaris(tm) 2.4, Solaris(tm) 2.5 and Solaris(tm) 2.6 operating

About Intuitive Systems

Established in 1993, Intuitive Systems Inc. is a privately-held company
dedicated to the development of high quality software products.
Intuitive Systems is a subsidiary of Improve S.A., a leading Java
technology developer in France. For more information about the company,
please visit web site


Sun, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, Java and JavaBeans are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and
other countries. Windows 95 and Windows NT are registered trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation. OptimizeIt is a trademark of Intuitive Systems,
Inc. All other brand names and products are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders.

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