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Ladybird: a new cross-platform browser project

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Sep 13, 2022, 7:01:02 PM9/13/22
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Since starting the SerenityOS project in 2018, my goal has been "to build a complete desktop operating system to eventually use as my daily driver".
What started as a little therapy project for myself has blossomed into a huge OSS community with hundreds of people working on it all over the world. We've gone from nothing to a capable system with its own browser stack in the last 4 years.
Throughout this incredible expansion, my own goals have remained the same. Today I'm updating them a little bit: in addition to building a new OS for myself, I'm also going to build a cross-platform web browser.

If there is one person who can pull off making a web browser and turning it into a successful-enough open source application, it';s Andreas Kling. His work on SerenityOS is simply stunning and inspirational, attracting hundreds of people to work on a ';90s-inspired alternative desktop operating system. If he can organise the same amount of enthusiasm for Ladybird, it has a real shot at becoming a successful, but niche, browser.

For now, it';s very early days, and Kling is open and honest about how much work is still left to do. Since all the code is new - this isn';t a fork or Blink, WebKit, or Gecko - you can imagine this isn';t exactly going to be an easy ride. It';s currently running on Linux, Windows through WSL, macOS, and Android, and Kling states the Linux version if the best tested one.

I';m definitely excited for this one.
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