Matrix Brandy - now available for Minix

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Aug 11, 2022, 5:16:30 AM8/11/22
Over 20 years has passed since I last posted in this group (if memory
serves correctly...)

My fork of Brandy BASIC (an implementation of BBC BASIC) now builds
in MINIX 3 as of my latest git commit. Only the text mode binaries can
be built, as SDL 1.2 doesn't appear to be available in the pkgin repos and
it refused to compile from source.

Graphics are available, in a pinch - the more featured "tbrandy" binary
supports Tektronix graphics, which are available within xterm.

Networking compiled but for some reason isn't working, but I hope to have
it working before the next release.

Matrix Brandy's website:
Git repo:

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Grant Mulholland

Aug 12, 2022, 5:07:13 PM8/12/22
Very interesting, I think I'll have to play around with this.


Aug 15, 2022, 4:52:05 AM8/15/22
On 2022-08-12, Grant Mulholland <> wrote:
> Very interesting, I think I'll have to play around with this.

The regular makefile doesn't work for this; to compile, use:
gmake -f build/makefile.minix

Graphics functionality is disabled by default, but in the 'tbrandy'
binary, execute SYS"Brandy_TekEnabled",1 to switch it on. Then,
many of the usual BBC BASIC graphics commands (including POINT, DRAW,
CIRCLE, ELLIPSE, RECTANGLE, and some PLOT options) will output in the
xterm Tektronix window.
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